The Clients

Class action plaintiff and class members.

The Case

Violation of the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act by sending approximately 90,000 unsolicited facsimile advertisements.

The Problem

After settling the dispute for $5 million, claimants needed to be identified, provided with claim forms, and assisted in preparing claim forms.

The Solution

We capitalized on technology to help class members with the claim process.  A database was established with telephone numbers, contact information, and references to supporting evidence.  

To assist in matching evidence to claimants, documents and records were sent to India for cost-effective data entry.  

The Outcome

Millions of dollars in claims were filed and paid to our clients.  It was an exceptional class action case in that claimants received substantial funds, not coupons or discounts.  The smallest claims were close to $500, multiple claimants were paid in excess of $100,000, and one claimant was approximately $1,000,000.