The Client:

A retired couple.

The Case:

A developer intended to build a four-plex on a single-family lot next door to our client’s home.  Our attorney immediately filed a lawsuit to get an injunction to stop the developer from violating the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) for the neighborhood, as the client did not want the problems associated with four families squeezed onto a single-family lot, such as the the related noise, the traffic, and parking problems.

The Problem:

The developer demanded that the client post a bond for hundreds of thousands of dollars – knowing full well the client had no way of paying this bond.  

The Solution:

Instead of having the client post the bond, our attorney demanded that the case be set for a jury trial within 30 days.  

Meanwhile, the developer continued to build as fast as it could, arrogantly believing that no judge would ever order a completed four-plex to be torn down.  

The Outcome:

The jury agreed that the developer had no right to build the four-plex.  The judge said, “You’ve got fifteen minutes to get your workers off the site” and ordered the developer to tear down the four-plex.  

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