Real Estate – Transactions and Litigation

Buying, selling, managing and improving real estate all trigger a range of legal complexities.
Knowing your options and how to overcome obstacles is invaluable in getting real estate issues resolved.
At the Chernoff Law Firm, we are creative thinkers.  We get problems solved.
Real estate matters can be a mine field.  The law can be rooted in decisions made hundreds of years ago.  There can be easements, encroachments, restrictions on use, and title disputes.  Borrowers and lenders enter into complicated transactions creating liens and extensive obligations, which can be confusing and a source of conflict.  Construction can be unpredictable, and have unanticipated hurdles.

Often, problems can be avoided with careful planning and involving good advisors from the start of a project.  Sometimes, disputes cannot be avoided and you may need an advocate.  In either case, we are prepared to guide you with practical and informed advice.

When You’re in a Transaction

You might be looking for counsel because you are planning to purchase or develop real estate, or you might be in a transaction and unsure how to address concerns.  Maybe you’re in one of these situations:

  • You are buying or selling real estate and would like an attorney to look at the contracts
  • An impasse in negotiations needs to be overcome and you are looking for creative options
  • Loan documents or title reports are complex and you need advice on how to interpret them
  • A party to a transaction is refusing to close, or you do not want to close

When You’re in a Dispute

You might be looking for a litigator because you see a dispute is evolving, were threatened with litigation, or have been served with a lawsuit.  Maybe you’re in one of the following situations:

  • A buyer or seller is refusing to perform terms of the purchase agreement
  • There are liens on your property that you dispute
  • You are a lender with a delinquent buyer and seek to enforce your liens and rights
  • A lender is refusing to fund your loan, is foreclosing, or taking other action against you
  • You are a contractor and the landowner refuses to pay for services performed
  • There is an encroachment or easement in dispute
  • You have a dispute with your homeowner association, a neighbor, or over a use restriction

Practical and Creative Solutions

Unlike some law firms, we do not simply “grind out” volumes of standard form documents.  We carefully assess your situation and come up with strategies unique to your particular needs.  Our firm takes pride in providing first class legal advice that is creative, practical, and focused on your particular needs.
You can read more about some of our cases here.

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