Personal Injury

When someone else causes you personal injury the professionals at Chernoff Law Firm, PC will make sure that you are justly compensated. Our skilled team has experience handling cases beyond serious personal injury. We’ve dealt with damages to clients’ reputations, properties, finances, emotional states, insurance bad faith claims, legal malpractices and many others.

Serious Injury – If you are the victim of a serious injury you may suffer an array of damages. Such damages may include emotional trauma, costly medical bills, loss of income due to an inability to return to work or even becoming disabled for life. We will monetize the damages you endured and ensure you receive adequate restitution.


Property Damage – Chernoff Law Firm, PC is prepared to take legal action on your behalf for your property damage case. Don’t stand by while the insurance company’s adjuster solely determines liability and the amount owed to you for your loss. We will tackle any case whether the loss was due to a flood, storm, fire or damage caused by the negligence of another party.


Insurance Bad Faith Claims – Insurance is a contract between the insured – which is you or your company – and the insurance company. It may be the case that your insurance company has acted fraudulently or failed to perform according to the terms of the agreement. We will work closely with the adjuster, customer service representatives and insurance brokers to ensure you are compensated justly.