We Handle Professional Malpractice Cases

The Chernoff Law Firm represents both plaintiffs and defendants in Arizona professional malpractice cases. Representing both sides gives us a 360° view of the important issues in these cases and makes us more effective in serving as advocates for our clients.

Legal Malpractice

A claim for legal malpractice can arise in several ways. For example, the client may allege that:

  • The attorney failed to communicate with the client.
  • The attorney failed to file suit for the client before the expiration of the relevant statute of limitations.
  • The attorney missed important court deadlines or failed to appear for scheduled hearings.
  • The attorney was incompetent and failed to act as a reasonable attorney would have under the circumstances.
  • The attorney had a conflict of interest with the client or took advantage of the client.
  • The attorney failed to protect the client’s confidential information.
  • The attorney charged excessive fees.

In addition to showing grounds for legal malpractice, the lawyer’s client must also show that he or she was actually financially injured by that malpractice.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice law deals with mistakes made by a wide range of medical and healthcare professionals, including:

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Dentists
  • Psychologists
  • Pharmacists
  • Physical Therapists
  • Hospital Staff
  • Medical Labs

Medical malpractice claims can be based on things like:

  • failure to diagnose an injury or illness
  • misdiagnosis of an injury or illness
  • unreasonable delay in diagnosis or treatment
  • failure to obtain informed consent for an operation
  • treatment errors
  • surgical errors, including anesthesia errors
  • prescription of the wrong medications
  • birth injury to an infant or mother

Other Professional Malpractice – Realtors, Architects, Engineers, Dentists

All professionals have a duty to exercise reasonable care in performing services.  Realtors have a duty to properly advise clients on the sale of property.  Architects and engineers must exercise reasonable care in preparing their designs and calculations.  Dentists must exercise care just like physicians in providing treatment.  Like legal and medical malpractice, our firm is equipped to handle a wide range of professional malpractice cases.

Cutting-Edge Technology Wins Cases

Like most civil cases, many malpractice cases settle or are dismissed before trial.

However, when a legal or medical malpractice case does go to trial there are often highly technical and complex facts involved. It can be challenging to explain these facts to a judge and jury.

At the Chernoff Law Firm, we use modern legal technology both in the office and in the courtroom.

For example, we represented a retired attorney who left practice to start a business. He stayed in touch with one of his former clients, who he considered a friend. When the friend became terminally ill, the attorney tried to help. However, after his friend died, his friend’s spouse accused the lawyer of taking advantage of her and her husband.

It was a complex case, with over 800 trial exhibits. Given the natural sympathy for the grieving widow, we were concerned that a jury might decide the case based on emotions rather than facts.

Using high-tech computer graphics and a touch-screen display, we were able to show jurors every allegation, witness statement, document, and argument in context.

The result was a verdict entirely in favor of our client.

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