Commercial & Employment Litigation

In the state of Arizona laws regarding commercial and employment practices are frequently changing. Our team of trained professionals stays informed of Arizona labor laws and all legal matters regarding commerce. We have found that unbeknownst to most, many employers and employees have been violating these laws. Simple employment contracts can be riddled with infractions and illegal stipulations. We also handle contract matters with venders and other parties.

Our success in other commercial litigation ranges from disputes between banks and borrowers to shareholders and partnerships.  We also have extensive experience with business torts and insurance coverage.

Employment Contracts – There are many aspects to employment contracts that play pivotal roles in the success of companies and careers. We have processed many covenant not to compete, also known as non-compete, agreements to protect both the employer and employee. Our expert team at Chernoff Law Firm, PC can also protect your company with business tort lawsuits and non-solicit litigation. We also have efficiently and effectively secured injunctions.


Contract Matters – Contracts form the structure, and therefore performance, of a business. It is paramount to have strong and well written contracts. Our professional staff will work diligently to protect your interests and arrive at the most solid and favorable contract possible for you.


Bank and Borrower Disputes – During any stage of the lending process disputes may arise between banks and borrowers. We have dealt with issues arising from security, loan origination and terms, floor-plan lending, payments, garnishment, liens and foreclosure actions, debtors who file for bankruptcy, repurchase rights and more.  Let our knowledgeable professionals, who are familiar with the various state and federal laws that protect the rights of banks and borrowers, take the necessary and strategic actions to benefit you the most.


Shareholder & Partnership Disputes – Shareholder and partnership disputes may interrupt business. Chernoff Law Firm, PC can anticipate possible problems for you to avoid. If the issue has gone into litigation we will be there to resolve the issue and protect your personal interests. In cases of breach of fiduciary duty or violations of operating guidelines we may be able to help you sue to recover your losses.


Business Torts – Business torts cover a wide range of issues like fraud, breach of fiduciary duties, negligence, misrepresentation and malicious actions of another person or corporation. Chernoff Law Firm, PC can determine if you have grounds to file a business tort lawsuit. If you take action now you may be able to lessen the loss and protect your business from future mishaps.


Insurance Coverage – Many people are unaware that an attorney can defend his or her rights when insurance bad faith occurs. Let us help you get the most out of your policy even if it has been denied, delayed or minimized. We cover workers’ compensation, health, auto, personal property, liability, life insurance and many other types of insurance coverage cases.