20 Apr 17

How to Handle a Use Restriction Dispute

Property owners are not always aware of all restrictions placed on their use and enjoyment of real estate. Zoning regulations and other land use restrictions can significantly limit to type…

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12 Apr 17

Defenses to a Construction Defect Claim

The are several defenses available to contractors who are accused of a construction defect. These claims can take the form of breach of contract claims, breach of warranties, or negligence…

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10 Apr 17

Common Construction Defect Claims

Arizona law recognizes several different claims for construction defects. Construction defects can lower the price of your real property, or result in injury in some cases. You have several options…

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05 Apr 17

How to Resolve Boundary Disputes

Property line disputes put both property owners in a difficult situation. Both parties want the issue resolved in their favor, but they generally do not want conflict with their neighbors.…

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