05 Dec 16

Complexity of Escrow Liability

In our previous blog post, we briefly discussed Burkons v. Ticor Title Ins. Co. of California, 168 Ariz. 345, 813 P.2d 710 (1991), a case which addresses the fiduciary duties…

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07 Nov 16

What is Escrow?

Many people buying or refinancing a home do not know the details relating to escrow.  They simply go through the process, sign the documents, and never realize how escrow really…

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28 Sep 16

The Discovery and Importance of Metadata

It is nearly impossible to litigate in today’s world without conducting discovery of electronically stored information, sometimes called “ESI.”  In Arizona, Rule 26.1(a)(9) of the Rules of Civil Procedure specifically…

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03 Feb 14

Fiduciary Duties Among LLC Members

The Arizona Court of Appeals just issued a decision relating to the duties that members of an LLC owe to each other. TM2008 Investments, Inc. v. Procon Capital Corp.., No.1…

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