27 Nov 17

Collection Options for Arizona Contractors

Arizona contractors have several statutory remedies to ensure they are able to collect funds for the work they have performed. Mechanics’ liens, stop notices, and Arizona’s prompt payment laws can…

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22 Nov 17

Defenses to a Defamation Claim

\ A claim for defamation in Arizona requires that “One who publishes a false and defamatory communication concerning a private person . . . is subject to liability, if, but…

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21 Nov 17

When to Use Carryback Financing

Carryback financing—also known as a seller carryback—can be an effective way to sell your property to a buyer who is unable to obtain a traditional mortgage. In a seller carryback,…

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20 Nov 17

How to Renew a Judgment

A.R.S § 12-1551 states that judgments can be enforced within five years of the entry of the judgement or within five years of any renewal of the judgment. The judgment…

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19 Nov 17

Elements of Unlawful Retaliation

Employees may have a retaliation claim against their employer who acts adversely because their employee asserted certain rights provided by Arizona or federal law. In some cases, only an unlawful…

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18 Nov 17

Remedies for Wrongful Termination

Your remedy after a wrongful termination will largely depend on whether the termination was prohibited by Arizona or federal law, what specific statute the termination violated, and the other facts…

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16 Nov 17

Requirements for a Defamation Claim

A claim for defamation can be shown when “One who publishes a false and defamatory communication concerning a private person . . . is subject to liability, if, but only…

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15 Nov 17

What is a Constructive Discharge?

A constructive discharge is a legal term that applies when an employee has not been officially terminated, but has been exposed to difficult working conditions that effectively forced him or…

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13 Nov 17

Short Sales in Arizona

A short sale is a process used to sell a home for less than the amount owed on the current mortgage. The homeowner asks the bank to accept the proceeds…

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23 Oct 17

Defenses to an Assessment Lien

A Homeowners’ Association (HOA) has the right to a property lien on your unit if you fail to pay any assessments or dues. This lien attaches automatically, without the need…

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