02 Feb 18

Wage and Hour Class Action Lawsuits

Workers are protected from violations of wage and hour laws by both Arizona state law and federal law. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) of 1938 is the federal statute…

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29 Jan 18

Dissolving Your Partnership in Arizona

While a partnership agreement is not legally required to establish a partnership’s validity in Arizona, there are many advantages to creating a partnership agreement. If a disagreement or question arises,…

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09 Jan 18

Are you a Protected Whistleblower?

Whistleblowing occurs when an employee comes forward to notify management or other authorities that someone in the company is breaking the law. There are federal protections for some whistleblowers, such…

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04 Jan 18

Harassment Claims in Arizona

Workplace harassment, including sexual harassment, can potentially be the basis for several claims under federal and state law. These cases depend heavily on the specific facts and events, so you…

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27 Dec 17

How Arizona Property is Partitioned

Disagreements can arise when real property is co-owned by multiple individuals. This could involve commercial real estate ventures where the parties can’t agree as to the proper use or management…

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26 Dec 17

Exceptions to the Homestead Exemption

The Arizona homestead exemption protects a homeowner’s interest in real property from certain judgment creditors. The first $150,000 of equity in the home is exempt from seizure by creditors, but…

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20 Dec 17

Handling an Earnest Money Dispute

Earnest money is a deposit made by the potential buyer of real estate to indicate that they are serious (earnest) about moving forward with the purchase. It does not bind…

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